DPS flooring sowtware


Data Processing Solutions for the Wholesale Distribution Industry.

Ceramic Tile Software

  • Unique Ceramic Tile Requirements:

    * Unique Ceramic Tile Requirements Imaging Inquiries of different tiles - you can VIEW the colors or shapes of each tile
    * Product "Specifications" inquiries - you can VIEW, fax, or email to your customers the product specifications and installation instructions
    * Package labeling to assure that warehouse personnel can easily read the identifiers from many feet away
    * Fax or email weekly flyers or general documents to your customers
    * Payment receipts for customer deposits and payments Purchasing and selling in multiple units of measure, such as cartons, square feet, pallets, lineal feet, etc.
    * On-Line transfer of data to select manufacturers
    * Dye lot tracking and processing and complete histories
    * Trip Point and Bonus Point Programs
    * Imaging system for viewing pictures and documents - your operators can bring up stored pictures and documents that relate to your tile products right on their PC screens - they can view pictures of different tiles or all of the colors that a particular tile comes in.


DPS is an easy to use, innovative distribution software package that clearly addresses the critical relationship between order processing, inventory control and purchasing; thereby resulting in improved customer service and company profitability. The system reflects our long standing commitment to wholesale floor covering distribution activities. It has been fully tested and successfully installed in leading wholesale floor covering distributors throughout the country.