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We design and support a custom business software environment specifically for companies engaged in many types of
wholesale distribution:
. Wholesale Furniture Distribution . Wholesale Floor Covering Distribution . Ceramic Tile Distribution . General Distribution


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Monthly Pricing

Using Dps File Server and use your existing PC's as Workstations 2 Printers, DPS software for distributors Conversion assistance and Training Purchase of printers - approx. $1,500 Monthly Fee: starting at $300

Sample System

Sample system configuration & pricing (Purchasing a File Server) Complete System with 3 Workstations 2 Printers, DPS Software for distributors Conversion Assistance, and Training TOTAL PRICE = under $10,000

Features Overview

We are dedicated exclusively to the specific automation needs of Specialized Wholesale Distribution/Import Industries. All of our resources are funneled into one software product aimed specifically at your industry. To you, this means we will keep pace with the changes in your industry, provide you with a support staff that understands your business, and deliver on-going software enhancements that are good for your company.

We encourage you to take a close look at DPS. What you will discover is an affordable product. . .one that can make a significant, long-term contribution to the profitability of your business.

Product Information:
DPS is easy to use software. Our software allows the critical functions of your business (customer sales, order processing, inventory control, purchasing and accounting) to flow efficiently and effortlessly. With DPS you can effectively control that delicate balance between top-notch customer service and the highest possible return on your inventory investment.

DPS is designed to provide you with timely, accurate information about your company's business activities. The fully integrated software modules allow instant access to information necessary for control and decision support at all levels of your organization. With a single entry of data, immediate updates occur to all related information throughout DPS.

DPS installs quickly and is easy to learn. A non-technical member of your office staff can assume the responsibilities of managing the system from day to day. With very little training, novice users will become proficient at performing their respective functions.

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